IoT BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Modules


Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth modules offer a range of features and benefits for space-efficient IoT and smart wireless product development. Our Bluetooth wireless modules adopts highly integrated and low-power BLE SoCs which aim to reduces the physical footprint of the module as well as extends the operational lifespan. This feature makes our modules suitable for integration into various size-constraint and battery-powered IoT devices.

In addition, our Bluetooth Low Energy modules provide secure and dependable Bluetooth data transparent transmission, which will be essential for those IoT applications that data integrity and security is paramount. All in all, our low-power Bluetooth modules are designed to assist developers in developing their smart wireless products like Bluetooth gateways, accelerating the development process, and shortening the time it takes to bring their IoT products from the initial concept stage to market, which is essential in a competitive landscape.

Why Choose Dusun IoT Bluetooth Modules?

compact design
Compact design

Bluetooth modules can be readily integrated into a variety of electrical goods with a minimum dimension of only 6.6 x 5.3 mm (while the largest one is only slightly larger than a coin).

Safety and dependability

With advanced hardware encryption and AES data encryption technology, our Bluetooth modules can ensure the stability and security of bidirectional data transmission up to a distance of 10 meters.

low power
Low-power consumption

Low-power wireless RF chips are adopted in Bluetooth modules. It only require a single 1.5V battery for power supply, reducing maintaining costs as well as aligning with sustainability goals and environmental considerations.

pre certified
Pre-certified modules

Our Bluetooth modules have already passed certification of CE, FCC, BQB, SRRC, etc., significantly reducing the time and cost required to get new products to market.

Standard or Customized Bluetooth Protocol Integration?

Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth modules offers the flexibility in supporting diversified integration modes, including both standard and customized protocol integration, satisfying different business requirements.

custom protocol integration

Customized Bluetooth protocol: This aims to tailor the protocol to work seamlessly with a particular application or device, or interact with smartphones/Apps for data and instructions through transparent data transmission. It is frequently utilized in blood glucose meters, ECG patches, thermometers, and other types of devices that are employed in remote patient monitoring devices and elderly monitoring devices.

standard protocol integration

Standard protocol integration: In IoT ecosystems, interoperability between different devices and systems is critical. Supporting standardized protocols ensures that your Bluetooth modules can communicate effectively with other devices and platforms adhering to the same standards. This ensures compatibility with existing infrastructure, making it easier for businesses to adopt Bluetooth modules without major system overhauls.

Dusun IoT BLE Bluetooth Module Family

Dusun IoT has been developing and producing BLE modules together with a wide range of development tools, and we have the most comprehensive Bluetooth gateway device portfolios available. We are the leading hardware partner for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) IoT, offering a complete hardware-as-a-service solution for strong, dependable, and secure Bluetooth IoT connectivity.

DSM 054

Chip: EFR32BG21A010F768IM32-B

DSM 055

Chip: EFR32BG21A010F768IM32-B

DSM 059

Chip: CST92F25

DSM 05d

Chip: EFR32BG21A020F768IM32-B

Introducing BLE-enabled Remote Health Monitoring Hardware Solutions

BLE-enabled Remote Health Monitoring Solutions is built based on a three-layer architecture. Each layer serves a specific purpose in collecting, transmitting, storing, and presenting health data, ensuring a seamless flow of health data from the patient’s health monitors to the healthcare provider’s cloud platform, and finally facilitating remote care coordination by healthcare providers s well as patients’ active participation in their well-being monitoring.

First Layer: DSGW-340 BLE WiFi LTE Gateway and Health Monitors

The first lightweight portable BLE gateway is responsible for collecting health data from a range of BLE-based health monitors, including blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, ECG monitors, and more. And then it aggregates the data and uses Wi-Fi or LTE connectivity to securely transmit this data reliably and securely to the dedicated cloud platforms.

Second Layer - Cloud-Based Platforms by Healthcare Provider

In this layer, healthcare providers host cloud-based platforms specifically designed to receive, store, and manage patient health data. The health data transmitted from the BLE gateway is stored securely in the cloud-based platform. This data can include historical records, trends, and real-time measurements.

Third Layer - Healthcare Apps

Healthcare management console: Authorized healthcare professionals can access data from the platform, send notifications and personalized recommendations to patients.

review it, and perform data analysis to identify trends, anomalies, and potential health issues.

Patient-Facing Apps: The third layer involves healthcare apps designed for patients or end-users. These apps can be installed on smartphones, tablets, or other connected devices.

healthcare management

Benefits of BLE-enabled Remote Health Monitoring Hardware Solutions

compact designs
Compact Design

Small size and low power consumption wireless Bluetooth modules can be easily integrated into various medical electronic equipment. This ensures minimal impact on the overall design and portability of medical devices.


BLE gateway with support for Wi-Fi and 4G network communication switching, as well as features like battery power supply and SOS functionality, can be valuable in ensuring data integrity and instant emergency response.


Bluetooth IoT gateways that supports cloud platform integration and customizable protocols for various medical platforms contribute to efficient remote medical monitoring services through data visualization such as real-time data synchronization, data storage and historical query, intelligent reports and health trend tracking.

BLE Gateway Recommendations

DSGW 210 A 8

A 64-bit CPU running Android OSs to connect multiple BLE devices.

dsgw 200 product 1

A BLE 5.1 BLE gateway locator running AoA software. Turnkey AoA kit provided.

DSGW 340 1

Lightweight gateways for transferring BLE health data securely and reliably.

DSGW 092 front

Developed based on ESP32 hardware platform. It runs FreeRTOS operating system.

dsgw 010 200 200px

An IP66 waterproof industrial gateway with hardware enclosure and multiple robust antennas.

dsgw 030 2

A cost-effective Bluetooth hub using Wi-Fi-enabled processor to bridge BLE data to the Internet.

Use Cases of Bluetooth Modules

BLE is a low-cost technologies that widely used in a wide range of consumer electronics. Its low power consumption makes it ideal for battery-operated devices to extends the operational life. Meanwhile, Bluetooth 5’s increased data transfer bandwidth to 2Mbps without a significant increase in power consumption opens up new possibilities for data-intensive applications. In addition, the Bluetooth ecosystem has expanded to include support for smartphones, sensor technologies, and cloud service platforms. This integration paves the way for IoT-based solutions in various domains, including smart homes, healthcare, industrial control, smart apartments, and smart cities. As Bluetooth technology continues to evolve and mature, its versatility, affordability, and power efficiency will definitely make it a fundamental enabler in the ever-expanding IoT landscape.

smart home kits
Smart Home Kits: Smart home sensors, locks, health monitors and lighting, etc., are indeed transforming the way we interact with our living spaces, and BLE modules plays a central role in enabling efficient, low-power, and secure communication between devices and smartphones as well as providing the convenience of remote control and monitoring through smartphone apps.
smart plugs

Smart Plugs: Smart plugs equipped with BLE modules allow users to remotely turn connected devices on or off using a smartphone app. This remote control capability is convenient for managing appliances, lamps, or other devices, especially when users are away from home. Meanwhile, smart plugs with integrated BLE modules are typically compact in design and unobtrusive in space.

health monitors

Health Monitors: compact and lightweight BLE modules can be easily integrated into small wearable devices that users can comfortably wear throughout the day, and continuously track of specific health metrics for real-time monitoring and data synchronization. Health data collected can be transmitted to a dedicated cloud platform or authorized healthcare systems,  enabling remote patient monitoring and timely interventions.

wireless industrial control

Wireless Industrial Control: BLE modules are increasingly being used in wireless industrial status detection, sensor networks, and asset tracking. Waterproof BLE beacon sensors can be strategically placed on machinery and equipment to monitor their condition as well as to enable real-time tracking and location monitoring. This enhance communication, monitoring, and automation in industrial environments.

smart parking

Smart Parking: BLE modules are commonly used in smart parking systems to improve parking management, increase efficiency, and enhance the overall user experience. BLE beacons can be installed to detect the presence or absence of vehicles in real-time. When a vehicle enters or exits a parking space, the BLE module communicates this information to a central control system via the BLE beacon gateways

smart building automation

Smart Building Automation: BLE modules are versatile tools in smart building automation. They allow for smart lighting control, HVAC control, occupancy sensing, access control, energy management, asset tracking and indoor navigation, emergency notification, etc., enabling real-time monitoring, energy conservation, improved security, and enhanced user experiences within modern buildings.

FAQs of Bluetooth Low Energy Modules

Not all BLE modules are ideally suited for developing IoT gateways, especially when they need to perform indoor positioning tasks like scanning for nearby BLE beacons. In this situation, BLE modules with strong receiving sensitivity is critical for gateway to scan for BLE devices and beacons over longer distances or in challenging indoor environments with obstacles.

The EFR32BG22 BLE SoC is an enhanced version of the EFR32BG21, offering a more powerful processor, increased flash and RAM capacity, and similar connectivity and security features.

Certainly, if you want to parse data locally without transmitting data packets directly to a cloud platform, you can achieve this by customizing the firmware running on the Bluetooth gateway. This approach allows you to add intelligence and customization to your IoT solution, and enables the real-time decision-making. Know more about our edge computing IoT gateways.

A BLE module can serve both as a main control module and a communication module, depending on how it is integrated into a specific device or application. The role it plays largely depends on the design and functionality of the device in which it is used. In many cases, a BLE module is primarily used as a communication module. Its main purpose is to establish and manage wireless communication between the device it’s integrated into (the host device) and other BLE devices, such as sensors, smartphones, tablets, or other peripherals. In some applications, a BLE module may act as the main control module for the host device. In this role, it takes on more responsibilities related to the device’s operation and functionality. Get to know our DSGW-094 BLE Cat M1 gateway with Nordic nRF52840 SoC as main control module.

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