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For the light hotspots, all the supplier is waiting for the new SDK released by HNT. As a result, you can’t find any supplier who could sell hotspots for you now. However, in the case of the same function, our price policy is to keep the same price for full and light. You can try our full hotspots first.


Rockchip’s 3328, performance is enough for HNT.

We don’t have a TTL interface, but we can provide SSH.

Our light hotspot device will be available in July. At present, there is no company on the market that has been certified by Helium.

At present, we do not modify the plan, we only focus on providing high-quality equipment.

General Questions About Dusun IoT

Dusun IoT are the IoT gateway company with manufacturing capability and IoT gateway R&D capability. Welcome to Deqing(Dusun IoT’s manufacturing factory) to visit our production line.

Generally, 5-10 days when the goods are in stock. Or it takes 30-40 days if we need to start production.

The amount is less than 100,000 US dollars, 100% TT in advance is required; the amount is more than 100,000 US dollars, 30% can be paid in advance, 70% paid before delivery.

Yes, we can produce your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Yes, we have 100% test before delivery.

We keep good quality and competitive prices to ensure our customers’ benefit.

We are a IoT hardware manufacturer and exporter who has more than 6 years in the indoor products industry. Our professional and strong sales and R&D team will provide you with the best service, satisfactory IoT products, and excellent IoT solutions.

We control the quality of the product from start to finish. For the material, we have a long cooperation with material suppliers. Roombanker IQC will test every batch of material first. We have a strong production tracking system for following up on production.

Any problems in production will be found and solved in time. All our products are examined at least 4 times by our QC during production. Besides, our OQC will check the products one by one before packing.


IoT Gateway

Yes, you can get the sdk for Zigbee gateway from github (https://github.com/dusuniot/Dusun_Gateway_API). As for other documents for development, you can refer to our Resources Page – IoT Gateway Technical Brief for reference. Also, we build a new Dusun IoT developer center, and upload newest IoT gateway SDK on it. Welcome to click Support at the top navigation to explore it.

We had a BLE communication program and the use of Dusun Gateway API as samples on Github. Please refer to Dusun IoT Gateway Technical Brief for the further information.

Yes, you can use Tuya app or our own app called Roombanker for testing.

You should offer relevant information on the general quantity and then we will communicate with TuYa about this requirement.

Yes, if you only need to use the Tuya devices. Find Dusun IoT’s TuYa Products here!

Currently, we don’t have this kind of app. However, you can configure the IoT gateway through our Dusun Developer Center where it offers Android SDK and burning tools. Chech DSGW-210-HA page.

We don’t make UBoot public generally to avoid potential issues and we modify it by ourselves in most cases.

Yes, the maximum RAM is 128MB and that for Flash is 16MB.

yes, we have developed firmware and own source code. Check our Dusun Developer Center and DSGW-210-HA page.

The stack is Linux Openwrt based.

HTTP/MQTT is basically supported. LWM2M or COAP can also be used. In fact, Eclipse open source Mosquitto(MQTT) and Wakaama(LWM2M) are tested on it.

The IoT Hub can be programmed with C/C++/Python. Due to the limited hardware resources(RAM:128M ROM:64M), C/C++ is recommended.

ZigBee, Zwave and BLE are supported. We provide simple code samples to show how to communicate with IoT devices.

Yes. MQTT, COAP, and LWM2M protocols are tested on it. Eclipse open source Mosquitto(MQTT), Wakaama, and californium are tested on it. We use Mosquitto for our platform communication.

Yes, we provide samples for ZigBee/Z-Wave development and a BlueZ code sample for connecting BLE devices.

Yes, we will support NB in the future and have developed an NB lock.

We support many carriers. AT&T, China Mobile, Japan KDDI, Korea LGU+, and UK EE are tested.

The IoT gateway is embedded hardware which is resource-constrained, So only C/C++/python are supported (C/C++ is recommended).

Yes, we do. Dusun IoT’s gateway features multi-protocol, just contact us and submit your request, we will make evaluation and give you solutions. or visit our ZigBee gateway page.

If that brand’s device supports standard Zigbee devices, we can establish stable communication.

Currently, we don’t have this kind of app, you can use the website version to configure the gateway.

We used standard ZigBee 3.0 protocol, that is to say, if they support it, we can communicate with their gateway.

By default, we have a sample that used the MQTT communication protocol to upload data to the server. As for the method to upload data to the cloud server, we have API for Azure now. If you want to communicate with another cloud, it requires further development of API.

Connect to Dusun gateway 0177 and flash the firmware.

Yes, you can send a JSON format command to the device to get the status. In general, the bulb would report its status by a certain time gap.

Yes, we had this function to reconnect to the router automatically.

Our gateway can establish up to 100 connections during our test.

You can pair it with the button directly as long as it is Zigbee 3.0 protocol.

As for cloud service, we’ve developed API for Azure. If you want to use the AWS, you could rent their cloud. At the same time, we can help do this with some fee for the integration.


You can configure it in the programon the gateway to store the data received for a certain time gap when the power supply is down.

You should develop your own cloud platform along with your own app to obtain the data from the ZigBee sensors.


It can be done by replacing our current Zigbee module with the 868Hz chipset.

We dock with Azure, Aliyun, and Tuya. However, we don’t offer cloud services, the customers should be able to integrate our gateways with their own platforms.

The Audible and Visual Alarm need a socket for the power supply. As for now, this alarm can just work as an endpoint device rather than a repeater.

Our gateway is programmable and you can login our gateway to develop your own application. We can release you to the program environment. The SDK, Toolchain, and API reference can be released to you by FTP after the NDA sign and sample order are placed. If you connect the gateway with a beacon, the gateway can send data to your own cloud or app. You can use your cloud or app to control the device, so as to have 2-way interaction.

If the quantity is big, the task can be inserted and the price is 10usd+.

Sorry, we don’t make audible alarm products or visual alarms. If you need, we can help you purchase those products in China when we establish the official cooperation.

We have both options for your selection: BG96(LTE Cat M1&Cat NB1&EGPRS module); EG91(LTE Cat1)

we have already integrated the blood pressure (SIG BLE profile) working with our gateway. Plus, we can release you MQTT API for quick integration with your server.

Our LTE gateway can be connected to worldwide carrier networks. Our customers in the USA have already used our gateway connecting to AT&T networks.

Please see this post for further information.


Yes, you can develop the application based on our gateway and use the python script. Please refer to this page.

then he will know how to develop the application base on our gateway

You need to replace the phone connecting to  gateway connecting. Normally we provide gateway SDK/Toolchain/device API program reference documents to customers, so they can integrate their own device into the Cloud/Service through our gateway. If your engineer can reprogram the gateway by C or C++ or Python, we would like to provide these documents. If you have nobody to do this, our engineer can do it for you with an NRE fee.

Yes, the gateway will come with a Luci configuration webpage where you can configure the gateway and beacons.

Yes, we can support MQTT over SSL, and MQTT to port 8883.

Yes, we support AP and client mode concurrently.

IoT Gateway Tech Issue

The gateway’s app can be opened by pressing the button on it for 4-8s or pressing it one time. Then you can connect to this WiFi using pc with a password last 8 bits of the mac address of the gateway, then log in with



Currently, we use the gateway to communicate with Amazon rather than the sensor itself. WiFi devices can do this, but most of our sensors use the ZigBee protocol.

Our gateway is based on the OpenWrt system, which uses Linux Kernel. We do not support Android on the hub.

Yes, it can communicate with the cloud server with any protocol you like, by default we use MQTT broker for communication. The ZigBee hub runs the OpenWrt system as well.


Yes, we have a water leak sensor, when the two pins of the sensor are connected, it will give an alarm.

Currently, we don’t have it, our sensor can detect from -5 to 65 degrees.

Once the water is enough for the two pins of the water detector to be connected, an alarm will be triggered.

We don’t have it now, but we can design it for you if you order more than 2000 pcs.

The bulb itself would report and upload information for a certain time gap. If you want to get the status of the sensor, you can call the function rbsdk_get_attr. There is no accomplished solution from the MQTT server currently.

You can send a certain command to the device and see what the report is.

As for the smart outlet, we’re sure it has the ability to monitor power consumption. You can view the uploaded data. The device should upload data other than switch status.

If you still have any doubts, please send us the message you received from the socket so we can point out which part of it is the power consumption.

Sure, the relay can be removed, and then you can’t switch on/off the meter remotely.


No, it is TTLOCK model.

It depends on the positioning distance and where you put the gateway. One app account can manage multiple gateways, and one gateway can manage 2-6 locks, but due to the Bluetooth communication distance (generally 10 meters), basically one gateway can also connect 2-4 locks. Customers can use the same account to bind gateways in different geographical locations, and bind the corresponding locks at the same time. If the gateway is placed indoors, it is basically the gateway lock, because the penetration power of Bluetooth is poor.


If the door thickness is between 8mm-12mm, then you can apply it to metal door.

If you have reached the minimum quantity, absolute no problem to do OEM.

There is no MOQ for a new customer to support their business.

Please send an email or contact us by skype, QQ, or Whatsapp. You can also contact the trade manager to inform us of the items you are interested in.

Yes, please offer us the details of your brand, then we can make it.

We have our own professional designers, you can provide documents in AI, PDF, and other formats. We will send photos to you for confirmation before shipping out.

There are 4 ways, the door lock can be unlocked by fingerprint, smart card, password, and mechanical key.

You can unlock it by mechanical key, or connect a 4-6V battery to the emergency power poles.

Yes, it can be set to a passage mode to keep it unlocking.

Yes, we can produce your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.

Yes, clients only need to provide their sketches. If you don’t have one, please send us details about the size and weight and we’ll arrange for a designer to make a sketch for you.

For customized items, 500-1000 pcs is acceptable. For items in stock, order quantities of 10-100 pieces are also acceptable as we also support the needs of SMEs.

Yes, we need to make the new molds according to your design. Opening a new molding costs some money. This charge will be 120-160 USD, based on the size and design.

Please install 4 new AA batteries on the smart door lock, it can last for more than 12 months.

We have maintained ISO9001/2008, CE, FCC, ISO/TS16949:2009ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, etc.

We provide 12 years warranty for our products, and free maintenance and spare parts will be provided during the warranty period. Plus, spare parts and technical support are available at reasonable prices for all models.


Download the Smart Life APP, connect the phone and the APP to the same WiFi, and then press and hold the button until the blue light flashes to match. Then enter the APP, and select the smart plug, you can see the unlock key, battery status, and plug-in.

Measure old lock cylinders from side to side, or smart lock panels front to back.

This can happen with Alexa, please try a few more times.

We can provide items of 50,60,70mm.

Yes, the fingerprint lock is suitable for users of all ages.

It can only use 1 latch because the motor can’t provide enough power.


Yes. We use professional touch chips from TI and azoteq to design the touch function of the remote control. Our remote control touch solutions are highly sensitive and can be properly detected even when operated with gloves. In addition, we have adopted the relevant judgment logic for glove and finger hovering to reduce misjudgment.

All keys are based on the standard HID protocol, you can connect it to your device, and it also has a touch bar that you can swipe left and right to test.

We use the Bluetooth SOC chip ATB1103L from ACTION.


Our beacon uses an nrf52832 chip, which supports Google Eddystone TLM. Besides, our beacon can meet customers’ secondary development needs.

Our offline speech recognition module can meet your needs, please confirm the following information:

  1. Wakeup words and command words
  2. Use the environment
  3. Estimated annual purchases

Below is a picture of the BLE beacon configuration. You can filter by UUID or BLE data type, MAC address, etc.

BLE beacon configuration 


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