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    Players utilizing in ear monitors onstage or headphones in the studio will appreciate the Enersquare. The added ability to feel where the note begins, the decay of the note, and the end of the note, provides a natural feel, adding to the visceral experience. More Info

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    The PUMA Combo 112 Classic is fitted with a specially designed TecAmp 12” ceramic bass speaker that  works in a meticulously calibrated enclosure to deliver high quality frequency, and transient response at impressive volume levels. More Info

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    The Puma 1000 is extremely small in size but very big on sound. Only the finest materials and components are utilized in order to create a high performance amplifier that evenly reproduces the entire frequency range and delivers solid, articulate, accurate, and ultra dynamic bass sound. More Info

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  • Glenn's Message

    The year was 2009, and I had just demoed a new Class D amp called the PUMA 1000 by TecAmp. I was immediately impressed at how natural and clear sounding my basses sounded when played thru these amps. Impressed enough to order two... one to play thru and a second “spare” that I would play thru when I “broke” the first one. More info
  • Welcome to TecAmpUSA.com

    Welcome to TecAmpUSA.com

    TecAmp USA has launched a new website. You can read more about it here: More info