About TecAmp

TecAmp equipment

In short, TecAmp understands exactly the qualities, features, and function that we bass players require.

TecAmp creates an untouchable combination: the best bass sound, with solid fundamentals, amazing versatility, and unequaled dynamics.

The TecAmp Story

German-engineered TecAmp has always been that awe-inspiring bass amp for serious players who are devoted to the best sound.   

World-class players who’ve owned dozens of amps during their careers call TecAmp their "all-time favorite.”  They know “TecAmp does it all, soundwise.”

TecAmp is Now a USA Company

We are manufactured, serviced, and headquartered in the USA.

What these Gains Mean for Our Customers?

In producing and assembling our speakers and amplifiers in the US we have raised the bar on long term reliability, implemented significant redesigns, and greatly enhanced the performance and value of our products. Painstaking care was taken to keep unchanged the performance and sound aspects that have resulted in TecAmp’s popularity among the most demanding of players.

Component upgrades have been implemented which will not only serves to enhance ones playing experience, but also make future serviceability significantly smoother.

In short, we’ve made a significant investment in guaranteeing the long term reliability and true value of your investment.

Some Added Value and Benefits

By streamlining production and implementing strategic redesigns we’ve been able to keep the cost of production down allowing us to deliver a high quality MADE IN USA product at a competitive price. An additional and significant benefit is that more of your money is kept and spent in our “community”, creating and helping keep jobs in the USA.

How Big is this News?

Huge. It means that deserving musicians who might not have been able to own a TecAmp before can now get their hands on one of these once-untouchable rigs.

Because we believe, above all, in the same thing you do: making great music and having it heard, and heard right.

To this end, we’re becoming all-American built.  Sure, we’ve got our German-engineering roots, and there will always be models built only in Germany.  First class and done right, every step of the way. With a devotion to providing great sound, at the same time we’re now providing great jobs for people this side of the pond—people you just might know. 

We’re truly stoked to do all of this in a way to make your cost better, and keep any service you may need right here at home.

What's Glenn Got to Do with It?

A whole lot. You gotta know about TecAmp partner Glenn Kawamoto, and understand that his entire philosophy and career are built on service and quality—and devotion to the music and artistry above all. 

Glenn became a partner in TecAmp USA, because Glenn believes in TecAmp.  Glenn knows TecAmp delivers.  In fact, in all his years playing bass, servicing equipment, and advising other players, Glenn's never touched a better bass amp. When you buy TecAmp today, you also get Glenn's service, support, and expertise.  This is big. 

Untouchable Bass Sound. Within reach. 

People who know great bass amps know TecAmp has always been the real deal.  Today TecAmp is devoted to offering you an astonishing deal, too.  Because we believe in your music. 

TecAmp is all about unrivaled service while bringing you the best bass sound, with solid fundamentals, amazing versatility, and unequaled dynamics—an untouchable combination that’s now made affordable to many more deserving musicians than ever before. That's what we do!