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1. Shipping Policy

1.1 Shipping Method

We are constantly expanding our shipping areas and improving our delivery services. Any suggestions regarding our work will be highly appreciated. Currently, our products are shipped by UPS by default. Shipping costs vary in different regions. The specific charges are subject to the actual charges.

If you have special shipping method requirements, please confirm with our sales manager.

If your order contains more than one item, you may get more than one tracking number. Items may be shipped and delivered at different times. We strive to ship the complete order for your convenience, but to ensure you get your order on time, the items may be separated.

1.2 Lead Time

For gateway products, please refer to the delivery time:

  • Category A ( In Stock, Lead Time: 1~2 Weeks)
  • Category B (Built by Order, Lead Time: 3~4 Weeks)
  • Category C (Built by Order , Lead Time More Than 8 Weeks , MOQ: 500 )

For newly released gateway products, sample delivery time usually takes 2-3 weeks, For SOM, SBC, Sensors and other products, sample delivery time usually takes 1-2 weeks, and a small number of products takes 3-4 weeks. please confirm with our sales team for details.

Occasionally, during large promotional events and the holidays, more time may be required to validate and ship your order, causing a delay.

1.3 Shipping Countries and Regions

We ship to most countries and regions in the world. Due to original chip factory policy restrictions, We are currently unable to ship directly to the following countries:
Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mali, Myanmar, Nicaragua, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

1.4 TAX

Sales tax (ex. VAT or GST) will be charged in accordance with the laws/regulations of countries and regions. Any tariff or import duties caused by customs clearance will be declared and borne by customers. Please fill in a valid Tax Identification Number at Order Notes for faster customs clearance.

2. Product Warranty

2.1 Product warranty period

Warranty period: the product warranty period is 12 months after the date of sale. The warranty period for domestic customers is 13 months after the date of delivery (Date of manufacture ), and the warranty period for oversea customers is 14 months from the date of delivery (Date of manufacture ). Product Accessories are not covered by the product warranty.

2.2 After-sales service for products out of warranty

  • Products that are out of the warranty period are suit for paid after-sales service. In the initial stage of cooperation, the actual ability of the customer team should be considered to determine the way of after-sales. For oversea customers, efforts should be input to train customers to perform regular component replacement and fault judgment to reduce the cost and increase operational efficiency of both parties; 
  • At the beginning of the cooperation, the cost and repair price of each detachable part should be announced, that means the price list of the replaceable parts should be provided by Dusun; 
  • Regardless of whether the customer is still under cooperating or not, the cooperating customers can get the latest after-sales information of the product free of charge from Dusunr; 
  • For oversea customers, Dusun should strive to train the customer to repair the product. For the parts that cannot easy to maintenanceat abroad, the goods should be concentrated in the designated warehouse(i.e.: Bonded Area, HK Warehouse, etc.), Dusun shall send person to the warehouse to repair,and the repaired goods will be returned to the customer.

3. RMA

For return information or to initiate a return, please contact your sales manager or [email protected]

  • For the replacement of defective products, foreign customers use the buffer of semi-product or finished product to achieve the customer replacement;(Note: the term is only for customers purchase more than 100 sets per order ) .
  • For the first cooperation customers, product buffer is offered for the first order as customer service. The general ratio is controlled at 0.3% and the upper limit is no more than 50 sets.
  • For subsequent orders, the replacement of consumables and replaceable parts is used by the customer to complete the simple maintenance of the product. The replaceable parts are prepared and stocked in 0.2% of the order quantity, and the upper limit is no more than 100 sets. 
  • Analysis and elimination of defective products, analysis of root cause causes and inform customers (agents) of the causes of problems, short-term action plan and long-term action plan; 
  • The repaired product will continue to enjoy the warranty service during the warranty period. If the warranty period is less than three months, the replacement spare parts will be guaranteed for three months.

4. Service

4.1 Training

  • Check the research and development capabilities of the customer (agent) after-sales team, complete the inter-team docking, to ensure rapid inter-communication and response between teams; 
  • One time for product use instruction training, if there is no condition to complete the on-site training, Roombanker shall provide a detailed use instruction video and notice list; 
  • One time for product installation training, if there is no condition to complete the on-site training,Roombanker shall provide a detailed installation tutorial and a list of precautions; 
  • The list of frequently asked questions needs to be updated continuously, the updated list shall be distributed to customers at regular intervals (if any); 
  • For customers who are in contact with the product for the first time, it is necessary to provide the installation checklist of the product, and conditionally assist the customer to complete the verification of the first three products. 
  • Form a work group with the customer and respond to the customer’s urgent problem instantly. 
  • Customer (agent) product training services,installation training services, after-sales troubleshooting training services by on-site, video or other means; After the customer purchases the product, Dusun/Roombanker will provide.
  • Regular (monthly or quarterly) customer follow up visits, Talk with customer feedback to improve products. For New customers, new products, the frequency of communication with customers should be guaranteed at least once a week until the product is stable;

4.2 Quality improvement

  • For the product quality issue feedback from customers, the RD team of the Dusun/Roombanker is responsible for finding the root cause of the problem, identifying temporary action plan and long-term action plan, and insisting on regular after-sales follow up visits;
  • For the non-product quality problem that occurs in the after-sales process of customers, it is also necessary to improve from user interaction and usage habits, and to make easy-to-use products;
  • After-sales documents and videos files should be placed on websites that are easily accessible to customers. Documents should be videoized and instrumented to improve customer after-sales efficiency.

4.3 New product version announced

  • In any case, Roombanker should tell the customer the most authentic situation and inform customer the improve plan;
  • Bugs that have been improved or fixedshould be updated to the user to reduce the after-sales events caused by the old software.

5. Non-warranty Regulations

Warranty service is not available in the following :

  • Non-hardware technical issues, including user replacement of accessories, or non-compliant maintenance of the product
  • Failure or damage caused by consumable materials (such as casing and aging and wear of the connector) due to improper installation, use and operation, or use in an environment that is not suitable for the product. (eg temperature is too high or too low, humidity is too humid or dry, voltage is unstable) 
  • Damage caused by accident, damage caused by misuse and improper storage (such as battery leakage, overcharge) 
  • Failure or virus infection caused by users programming or using non-public software 
  • Failure or damage caused by installation or non-standard expansion function, failure caused by unauthorized disassembly, modification, repair


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