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With decades of IoT hardware ODM & OEM experience, Dusun IoT is committed to delivering efficient ODM 1v1 customization services and product guarantee that swiftly adapt to changes and catering to various needs.

Partner with Dusun IoT and leverage our extensive industry knowledge and resources ranging from design and manufacturing to testing, certification, and global distribution, to bring your product concept to market successfully.


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ODM Your Hardware: From Concept to Market

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  • Confirm Concept
  • Specify Requirements
  • Quote
  • Sign Agreement
Design & Development
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  • PCB Design & Schematic Diagram
  • Software Design
  • ID Design and Mold Making
  • Prototype
Small Batch Production
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  • Prototype Verification
  • BSP Support
  • BOM
  • DQA
Mass Production
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  • Quality Control
  • Certification
  • Global Logistics
Life-cycle Management
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  • After-sales Services
  • Batch Traceability
  • Yield Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Maintenance

How Dusun IoT Addresses ODM Challenges for Csutomers?


Compatibility and Integration with Existing Infrastructure?

Integrating with existing systems incorporating various communication protocols, data formats or interface standards proves to be a huge challenges.

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Compatibility testing and integration support including but nor limited to SDK documentation, API files, FAE guidance, etc.

How to Ensure Product Reliability and Stability?

Products offered for sale must ensure usability through features such as redundant design, failure recovery mechanisms, monitoring alerts, etc.

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With nearly 20 years of experience, the standardized quality control procedures have been established to ensure each individual piece undergoes rigorous testing.

How to Lower Cost and improve ROI?

Businesses have long been plagued by high costs in product development and the opaqueness of fees, leading to challenges in controlling return on investment.

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Through flexible customization options, mature design processes, effective project management and long-term partnerships, we bring tangible returns to your business.

Will We Receive Technical Support and After-sales Service?

Will we have technical support and after-sales service for troubleshooting, maintenance and upgrades during the development phase and after shipment?

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Providing timely response and reliable technical support channels, comprehensive training and documentation are our fundamental principle as a ODM hardware company.

How to Ensure Future Scalability and Upgrades?

How to promptly respond to future changes in business? This is a common concern among many companies.

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Dusun IoT offers flexible architecture and design that allows easy addition of new features or system upgrades.

Beneftis of Choosing Dusun IoT as Hardware ODM Partner

20 Years ODM Services

20 Years ODM Services

  • 600+ ODM project and consulting experience;
  • 3,000 + customers worldwide, we gain them by word of mouth;
  • Accumulated successful solutions in various industries such as smart home, building automation, RPM, industrial IoT, BLE positioning, etc.
Research and Development Integration

Strong R& D Capability

  • 100+ team full of professionals with extensive expertise in the IoT field;
  • Efficient collaboration between research and development and production;
  • High versatility with core algorithms and industry-specific chip integrating capabilities. We develope and manufacture IoT products suitable for various needs.
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

  • Long-term partners with many major chip manufacturers;
  • Closely keep up with chip companies’ progressive approach in technology;
  • Mature production lines and fast and stable delivery. Small batch (≤1,000 units): 2 weeks; Baseline product (≤50 units): 3 days.
Quality Above All Else

Quality Above AlI Else

  • System Certification: ISO14001: 2015 ISO9001: 2015 IATF16949: 2016 ISO45001: 2018.
  • Testing: Product testing consists DQA testing and laboratory certification.
  • Quality Management Tools: FMEA, PPAP, ECN, SPC/CPK.

IoT Hardware ODM Design Features

Wireless Experts

Wireless Experts

Chip Options

Chip Options

OS & Language Support

OS & Language Support

Industrial Design

  • ID Design
  • Logo
  • Color
  • Battery
  • Package
  • Size

Electrical Design

  • Structure Design
  • Hardware Design
  • UI Design
  • PCBA
  • Software Development
  • Interface, Firmware, Backend


  • Component Sourcing
  • Prototyping and Samples
  • Product Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Apply for Certification
  • Mass Production
  • Technical Support

Agile Manufacturing Capabilities

Design, Manufacturing & Quality Control
  • Equipped with 30 wave soldering lines and 8 test lines
  • 10 finished product assembly lines, with an average daily production capacity: 10,000 pcs
  • System certification: ISO14001: 2015 ISO9001: 2015 IATF16949: 2016 ISO45001: 2018
  • Product traceability, each product has a unique QR code
  • Reliability tests (including high and low temperature, aging, high humidity, ESD, RoHs, etc.)
  • Quality Management Tools: FMEA, PPAP, ECN, SPC/CPK

Success Stories

Smart Home Energy Management


Background and Requirement

  • Country/Region: Canada
  • Application: Smart Home Energy Management
  • Project Scale: 10000+ IoT Gateway ODM
  • Products: DSGW-030 MTK7628 Zigbee WiFi Gateway


  • Two Zigbee modules
  • Redesign of the PCBA
  • Exceptional heat dissipation capacity

Smart Apartment Solution


Background and Requirement

  • Country/Region: Europe
  • Application: Smart Apartment Automation
  • Project Scale: 100000+ IoT Gateway ODM
  • Products: DSGW-210 RK3328 Multi-protocol Gateway


  • Solve connection challenges to main unit and add-on units with magnetic snap-on mechanism
  • Equipped with pre-configured wireless modules, including 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, Zigbee, and Z-Wave.
  • FCC, CE, CSA, and Z-Wave Certification

SCADA IoT Energy Management


Background and Requirement

  • Case: A Global Engineering and Technology Solutions Company
  • Application: Smart Manufacturing
  • Project time: 2022 to Now
  • Products: DSGW-081 Modbus RS485 Gateway


  • High-performance industrial-grade CPU
  • Supports both wireless protocols and wired protocols (BLE/Zigbee/Z-Wave/Wi-Fi/LTE 4G/Ethernet/Modbus/Bacnet/CAN/KNX)l

IoT Asset Management Solutions


Background and Requirement

  • Case: China Top Coffee Brand
  • Application: Assets Manage and Monitor
  • Project time: 2022 to Now
  • Products: DSGW-210 RK3328 Multi-protocol Gateway


  • Edge Computing
  • Equipped with Multi Protocol

Multi Dwelling Units Solution


Background and Requirement

  • Country/Region: United State
  • Application: Multi-Dwelling Units Solution
  • Project Time: 2020 to Now
  • Products: : DSGW-020 PoE WiFi Router Gateway, BLE Door Lock, Zigbee Thermostat, Bluetooth Module, Zigbee Module


  • Integration Multi IoT Smart Devices
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
  • BLE 5.2 SIG Mesh and POE

Smart Agriculture


Background and Requirement

  • Case: China Listed Pharmaceutical Company
  • Application: IoT Based Greenhouse Monitoring
  • Project time: 2022 to Now
  • Products: DSGW-030 , DSGW210, DSM-058


  • BLE Mesh
  • Real-time Monitoring and Intelligent Management
  • Bidirectional communication

Attendance & Tracking Management


Background and Requirement

  • Case: Locationing & Tracking Solution Provider in Germany
  • Application: IoT Based Greenhouse Monitoring
  • Project time: 2021 to Now
  • Products: DSGW-040 , DSBC-120


  • Wi-Fi & LTE Connectivity with SIM Card Slot
  • Custom Service for Frequency
  • Portable & ultra-low power consumption beacon


We recommend that customers customize based on Dusun’s existing products, so that they can get faster R&D and certification cycles and material matching for mass production. We have accumulated rich design experience and manufacturing experience, and can deliver customers’ ideas faster and at a lower cost. products and improve user experience.
Of course, if customers need to customize a new electronic solution (referring to the main platform) and structural solution (ID), we have a professional team to support it.

Product testing consists DQA testing and laboratory certification.
DQA testing will conduct electrical performance testing, functional testing, performance testing and reliability testing on each batch of samples to ensure design quality and output testing guidelines for mass production.
External laboratory testing is mainly for compliance certification to meet the requirements of laws and regulations, usually including ROHS, FCC, CE, UL, PACRB, etc. Dusun has rich certification experience, whether it is Dusun helping customers with certification, or We are capable of assisting customers in completing certification.

For customization of Gateway Class C products, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500pcs. For other products, please contact [email protected] for confirmation.

We will contact the customer within 24 hours by email to clarify any customer requirements and provide guidance on the next steps of cooperation.

Typically,the first batch of engineering samples is about 2-5 (the structural parts are usually prototypes at this time), and the second batch of samples is about 5-10. The sample cost will be listed in the unit price when NRE quotes, and customers can pay the sample cost according to their needs.

After the project is kicked off, our project manager will be responsible for communicating with the customer. The customer can contact our project manager by email for any requests. For complicated cases, we can communicate with the customer via phone or video at any time. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can arrange weekly/bi-weekly phone/video meetings to maintain regular communication with the customer and synchronize project progress.

We understand that the first version of the sample is very important to the customer. We provide first sample as soon as possible to help the customer start internal validation. Based on our standard product’s customized design, we deliver the first version of the sample in about 4-6 weeks, ensuring that the sample is functional. While the customer receives the sample for verification, we will continue to perform other testing and validation.

We understand that there may be changes in customer requirements during the product verification process. As long as the general functions
have not undergone major changes, we support modifying the design and re-sampling for verification. However, if there is a fundamental change
in the product definition, we recommend starting a new customization case, which means re-quoting and evaluating the delivery time.

Dusun will provide embedded firmware and software drivers based on custom hardware as well as code and guidelines. For gateway products, the included software deliverables include open source SDK and MQTT API.

Customers can contact our sales manager by email to request repeat orders. Our sales staff will continue to follow up on the order processing.

We can provide customized services for injection molding, die-casting, CNC and other processing technology structural parts of plastic parts and sheet metal parts. Usually we use prototypes to confirm the appearance, followed by mold development.
If you are customizing based on Dusun’s existing products, we will make minor modifications to our molds to complete delivery.

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