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Dusun IoT’s smart home solution features a wide selection of products ranging from home hubs to wireless smart devices, serving the rising demand of numerous system integrators and developers.

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How Our Smart Home Solution Benefits  Your Business?

One stop Hardware Solution
One-stop Hardware Solution

Purchase All Devices in One Place

Full Certification
Full Certification

CE, FCC, RoHS and more

Off the shelf Devices
Off-the-shelf Devices

All Functions Rigorously Tested

Preset IoT Platforms (AWS & Azure)
Preset IoT Platforms (AWS & Azure)

Easy Plug & Play Deployment

Standard MQTT Protocol
Standard MQTT Protocol

Quick Docking with Third-party Cloud Services (HTTP avaliable)

Open BSP
Open BSP

Tailor the Firmware to Your Desired Functionality

247 FAE Team
24/7 FAE Team

Real-time and Free Technical Support

Ready Documents
Ready Documents

SDK Kit, QSG, User Manual, etc.

Low powered Wireless Devices
Low-powered Wireless Devices

Low Installation and Maintenance Cost

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Free FAE
Free FAE Assistance in the POC stage
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance & Testing Reports in the Mass Production
Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing for Bulk Orders
Customization Services

Smart Home Devices for Specific Scenes

System Topology of Our Smart Home Solution

Dusun IoT gateways serve as versatile smart home hub, offering both universal Zigbee gateway and edge computing gateway options, to connect and manage a wide array of devices and transmit collected data to your platforms via MQTT (HTTP also avaliable). By doing so, system integrators and developers have the flexibility to build their own applications in the smart home field in a timely and economical way.

System Topology of Our 2

Featured Projects and Customer Review

Zsolt Dudas
Zsolt Dudas
Product Manager
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review gateway thermostat
I am impressed with the professionalism displayed by Dusun IoT throughout our collaboration. They have proven themselves to be true experts in the field of IoT gateway and connectivity solutions. When we needed a multi-protocol gateway hub, they provided swift assistance in resolving device connectivity issues with minimal code management. Their efficiency in addressing our needs saved us valuable time.
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review pir button
I recently incorporated Dusun IoT's home security devices into our business operations, specifically for our CCTV and burglary prevention systems. I must say, these devices are right out of the box, saving us significant time and effort in the installation process. We look forward to exploring their future offerings.
Purchasing Manager
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review gateway
The integration service provided by Dusun IoT has been exceptional, allowing us to quickly bring our real-time water usage monitoring and remote shut-off solution to the market. We are glad to adopted Dusun IoT's devices to enhance our home energy management business.

Smart Home Solution FAQs

You may save money and time with our smart home solution in a number of ways:

  • Simplified Device Selection: We provide a carefully curated assortment of Zigbee gateway hubs and devices that work well together. You can rely on our well-selected collection to ensure compatibility, saving you time from having to choose each device individually.
  • Simplified Integration: It might be difficult and time-consuming to integrate smart home appliances from different manufacturers. Luckily, our team has fixed it. You can just focus on application development rather than spending excessive time on device integration and troubleshooting.
  • Less Testing Work: Our smart home solution includes hub compatibility and pre-tested devices. This reduces the need for significant testing on your behalf, offering a better and more reliable user experience.
  • Enhanced Support: Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. This support can further save you time and cost, ensuring a smooth implementation and operation of your smart home solution.
    Enhanced Support: Our FAE team is here to assist you with any queries or concerns you may face. This support can further save you time and cost, assuring a smooth implementation of your smart home solutions.

Indeed, without a doubt. Our products—particularly the gateway hubs—have a modular design that allows clients to choose the specific components that best suit their needs. We also welcome cost-effective purchases from our clients, and we are happy to provide advice to assist you in making wise decisions. If you need the customization, feel free to give us your specification and estimated volume.

Yes, our products come with the necessary certifications such as CE, CFF, and RoHS and are eligible for direct sales in most countries. These certifications ensure that our products comply with the required safety, environmental, and quality standards. Please feel free to send us your request once you have a specific certification requirement.

Yes, in addition to Zigbee, we offer a choice of wireless protocols for you to select from. These include BLE, Z-Wave, and Sub-1GHz protocols. We are expert in wireless smart home device design and manufacturing. Whether you require OEM, ODM, or JDM services, we can deliver the desired solutions that caters to your specific needs.

Our smart home solution are open-source and support multiple ways of secondary development listed below.

  • For customer having in-house Linux developers: we offer BSP (Board Support Packages) and source code, nabling them to customize the firmware from the devices’ bottom layer. This gives you full control and flexibility over the software stack.
  • For customers who operate their own PaaS or SaaS: we offer standard HTTP or HTTP API for data integration and specific application needs. This makes it possible for our smart home devices to be quickly and simply integrated into your current infrastructure.
  • For system integrators: we offer pre-installed plugs for public integration into popular cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. This way requires minimal code configuration.

For more detailed documentation and assistance with secondary development options, please get in touch with us.

Our smart gateway hubs offer a redundant backup mechanism and provide choices for local control and data storage. These features ensure that the smart home solution remains operational even during power or network disruptions, and allow users to manage and store data locally for enhanced privacy and security.

  • Redundant Backup Mechanism: DSGW-210 smart gateway hub is equipped with a 5,000mAh Li battery, providing power backup in the event of a blackout. Additionally, it offers LAN, WiFi, and 4G network options, automatically switching to an alternative network if one fails.
  • Local Operation: DSGW-210 smart gateway hub is designed with 32GB eMMC storage and a slot for a TF card of up to 128GB. This allows for easy local storage of user data and facilitates edge computing capabilities.

A smart home solution refers to a system that integrates various smart devices within a home to enhance automation, convenience, energy efficiency, and security. These devices are typically connected through a cetral control point, collecting data and allows users to monitor and control all devices through a centralized interface.

A smart gateway hub often act as this central point for the entire system, functioning as a communication bridge between the smart devices and the server. It also allows users to remotely access and operate their smart home devices from any location with an internet connection.

A smart home system is a platform to manage all devices within a home. Typically, it includes software applications, networking features, and a centralized interface for users to easily operate and interact with their smart devices.

The best smart home solution depends on individual needs and preferences. There isn’t a solution that works for everyone. It’s important to clarify your goals, such as energy management, comfort, convenience, or security, and then prioritize the features that matter most to help you stay on track. Research available options, consider compatibility, scalability, user experience, and budget to make an informed decision on the best smart home solution.


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