Bluetooth Beacons

Dusun IoT’s Bluetooth Low Energy beacon devices are hardware transmitters using BLE 4.2/5.0/5.2 protocols to broadcast their identifier to nearby BLE gateways and readers.

This enables applications such as Bluetooth proximity marketing, indoor navigation, BLE asset tracking, etc.

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Bluetooth LE Beacon Types

As Bluetooth beacon devices are widely used in proximity marketing applications and indoor positioning system, as well as diverse locations, they often come with a variety of form factors, such as industrial-use and consumer-grade beacons, outdoor waterproof beacons, wearable beacons, card beacons, keyfob beacons, etc.

Although we just list some of them in the following sections, do not hesitate to propose your idea and let us discuss the feasibility, as we are not just a simple BLE beacon factory, we have ODM capability as well. And feel free to ask for bulk order prices!

Waterproof Outdoor Beacons with PA
DSBC 150:151:152
  • Main IC: NRF52820;
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0, 5.2; support Bluetooth Long Range;
  • Built-in PA
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor;
  • Support accelerometer & gyroscope, air pressure, and T&H detect probe;
  • Support iBeacon and Eddystone, and custom broadcast package;
  • Support Android OS;
  • Battery Life: 3 years;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
Outdoor Bluetooth Beacon Sensor
DSBC 060
  • Main IC: NRF52820;
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0, 5.2, support Bluetooth Long Range;
  • Zigbee 3.0 optional;
  • Built-in temperature and humidity sensor;
  • Support iBeacon and Eddystone, and custom broadcast package;
  • Range: 50-100m in open area; 
  • Battery Life: 2~3 years;
  • Waterproofness: IP67;
  • Support OTA upgrade;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
BLE Beacon Card with NFC
DSBC 120 ble beacon card
  • Main IC: NRF52820;
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0;
  • Support iBeacon and Eddystone, and custom broadcast package;
  • Support accelerometer;
  • Support NFC;
  • Support Android OS;
  • Range: 50-100 meters;
  • Battery life: 2 years;
  • Support BLE AoA for bulk orders;
  • Support OTA upgrade;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
BLE Keyfob/Wristband Beacon
DSBC 100
  • Main IC: NRF52820;
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth Long Range;
  • Support iBeacon and Eddystone, and custom broadcast package;
  • Support Accelerate, NFC, and Beep;
  • Wristband / Lanyard for option;
  • Battery Life: 9 months
  • Range:50~300 meters;
  • Support Android OS;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
Wearable BLE Beacon & Emergency Button
DSBC 110
  • Main IC: NRF52820;
  • Protocol: Zigbee 3.0;
  • SOS Emergency Button;
  • Range: 200 meters in open area;
  • Battery Life:  2 years;
  • Support NFC and Beep;
  • Wristband / Lanyard for option;
  • Support OTA upgrade;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
Bluetooth Key Fob with Beeping Sound
DSBC 102
  • Main IC: BK3431;
  • Protocol: Bluetooth 4.2;
  • Configured via Tuya app;
  • With beeping sound;
  • Battery Life: 2 years
  • Range: 50 meters;
  • Lanyard or key chains to carry;
  • Waterproofness: IP68;
  • Certification: CE/ FCC.
BLE Tag for Asset & People Tracking

Main IC: EFR32BG22C224F512GM32-C
Protocol: Bluetooth 5.2
Broadcast Power: Max 6dBm, default 0dBm
Battery Type: Lithium battery 700mAh
Battery life: 60days
Product Size: 90mm×55.5mm×7.5mm
Operate Temperature: 0 ~ +45°C
Support USB charge
Support Accelerometer, LED
Use: Personnel positioning tag

BLE Asset Beacon

Main IC: EFR32BG22C224F512GM32-C
Protocol: Bluetooth 5.2
Broadcast Power: Max 6dBm, default 0dBm
Battery Type: CR2477(950mAh)
Battery life: 2years
Product Size: 50.5mm×50.5mm x16.5mm
Operate Temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃​
Item positioning tag
Support Accelerometer,LED
Use: Item positioning tag

Bluetooth Beacon Development Kits

To help developers jump-start their Bluetooth-beacon-based applications and projects, these Bluetooth smart beacon kits containing BLE modules, BT beacons, adapters, USB wires, etc., and corresponding documentation, sample code, and tools are offered to facilitate quick demos and testing.

Bluetooth 5.1 AOA Development Kit
aoa kit new
  • 1 x DSGW-290
  • 2 x DSLA-G30W
  • 2 x DSTA-22041
AWS Asset Inventory Kit
AWS Asset Inventory Kit
  • 1 x DSGW-210B
  • 3 x BLE Beacon Card,
  • 3 x BLE Beacon, adapter
BLE MESH Starter Kit
BLE MESH Starter Kit
  • 2 x BLE Mesh Gateway,
  • 3 x Beacon, adapter,
  • 6 x Type C USB wire
IoT Home/Building Automation Kit
Building Automation Kit
  • 1 x Gateway,
  • 1 x PIR Motion Sensor,
  • 1 x Door Sensor,
  • 1 x Smart Plug

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

Custom Design (RF /PCB /Structure /Software)
Prototype Manufacturing
Complete Test & Validation
Manufacturing & Quality Control
Global Delivery

Where Can BLE Beacon Be Used?

Personnel Access Control and Tracking

Bluetooth LE beacons are growing in popularity in the field of worker attendance and tracking management. This personnel tracking solution assign BLE beacons in the from of key fobs or card beacons to personnel and install BLE gateways in fixed locations with given specific coordinates. 

These beacons periodically broadcast signals to the surrounding area, and the gateway will automatically gather beacon signals and update position data to the cloud application. The tracking system software can then track, locate, monitor, and send alerts. The uploading time intervals can be configured. Please enjoy reading our case study on Bluetooth-based attendance management solution for construction sites.

Personnel Access Control and Tracking
Asset Tracking and Management

Asset Tracking and Management

In BLE asset tracking solutions, Bluetooth beacons can be attached to assets such as equipment, inventory, or vehicles to track their whereabouts and movement within a defined area. While the BLE WiFi gateways serve as a communication portal between Bluetooth beacons and the cloud-based platform.

Authorized users can view the movement of the assets at any time. This is extremely useful for  logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities to track the movement of their assets in real-time. Integrating extra sensors like temperature and humidity monitors may help businesses monitor the health conditions of their assets as well.

Proximity Marketing

Bluetooth beacons can be used for Bluetooth proximity marketing campaigns. They can send targeted advertisements, promotions, or information to users’ smartphones when they come within range of the beacon. This is commonly used in retail stores, shopping malls, and event venues to engage with customers and enhance their shopping experience.

Proximity Marketing
Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: Bluetooth beacons can serve as proximity triggers for IoT devices. They can initiate actions or trigger automation when a user’s device comes within range. This integration expands the possibilities for smart home automation, smart office setups, and other IoT applications.

Bluetooth Beacon Device FAQs

Fixed beacons (e.g. mounted on walls) are generally utilized in consumer-focused applications such as indoor navigation and proximity marketing in shopping malls, and fixed-point explanations at museums.

Movable/wearable beacons are typically used in conjunction with Bluetooth gateways to assist organizations or enterprises in achieving management goals such as hospital patient management (see Bluetooth roaming gateways), student management in schools, asset tracking, and so on.

BLE beacons broadcast UUID, Major, Minor, RSSI, battery level, Bluetooth name, Bluetooth MAC address, and other information to the surrounding environment on a regular basis, with UUID, Major, Minor, and Bluetooth name configurable through the mobile APP.

The firmware is classified as connectable or non-connectable. The connectable kind allows the Bluetooth beacon’s settings to be changed at any moment via a mobile phone connection. The non-connectable kind can only be linked and changed settings after 30 seconds of turning on the Bluetooth beacon.

1. The horizontal distance between Bluetooth beacons should be evenly kept to a maximum of 6-10m.
2. The vertical height of the Bluetooth beacons from the ground should be kept to around 3m; too high will affect the signal strength.
3. Bluetooth beacons are not often installed on the ceilings of structures with excessive vertical height. Bluetooth beacons may be placed up to 6m away along a wall or on the ground.
4. The width of the corridor should be considered while deploying Bluetooth beacons in interior corridors. For short corridors, deployment along the corridor’s centerline might be considered; for broader corridors, two columns should be spaced to ensure the density of deployment.
5. The entire space shall be covered in a triangular grid-like staggered distribution to assure the Bluetooth beacons’ signal strength.
6. The density of Bluetooth beacons can increased or reduced based on the deployment demands of the site, but normally maintain a distance of 6m to achieve better positioning accuracy.
7. Bluetooth beacons should avoid being deployed at corners and barriers.

Apple’s iBeacon, Google’s Eddystone and Radius Network’s AltBeacon are the three mainstream Bluetooth beacon protocols. Each protocol embeds their own format and data within the BLE broadcasting framework.

When a BLE beacon device advertises, the same packet is often delivered on all three advertising channels, increasing the likelihood that it will be received by a BLE receiver/scanner (explore Bluetooth beacon gateways). Bluetooth beacons deliver advertising packets on channels 37, 38, and 39 using GATT profiles (Discover Bluetooth GATT gateways). When a packet is received, the scanner determines if the contents are decodable, and take corresponding actions.

IoT Gateways for Recommendation


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