Industrial IoT (IIoT) Gateways

Select or ODM Industrial IoT Edge hardware based on scale and deployment strategy of your projects.

Dusun IoT industrial edge gateways leverage a range of high-efficiency RISC-based ARM processors including RK3588, NXP i.MX6ull and i.MX8m to provide powerful AIoT processing power at the edge. Up to 8GM RAM and 128GB flash to store and buffer data. Linux Debian, Ubuntu, Yocto, ROS and Android supported.

Broad and flexible I/O layouts, fieldbus control interfaces, superior Wi-Fi/LTE 4G/ Gigabit Ethernet ports to seamlessly connect, aggregate, filter, and transmit data transmission to the cloud, empowering your IIoT solutions.

What is industrial IoT gateway?

Industrial IoT gateway implements edge computing and bridges data to the cloud while enabling connection between operational network and legacy and new shop floor machines. It is often locally deployed, equipped with flexible I/O and a number of COM ports, and used to gather, process, and standardize data from sensors and PLCs in order to provide safe and remote device control. Data loggers, data collectors, and protocol conversion gateways are other names for industrial gateways.


Stable and Scalable IIoT Gateway Connectivity

Industrial IoT gateway devices typically come with wired and wireless connectivity options, enabling them to manage data from several sources and maintain a stable internet connection in a variety of unstable conditions. Every portion of the network connectivity is built with customization.

iiot devices
Device Connection

Modbus, BACnet, CAN, Profinet;
Ethernet/IP, OPC-UA, BLE and more

iiot cloud
Cloud Integration

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular LTE CAT1, CAT M1 and CAT 4

iiot interface
Fieldbus Interfaces

RS485, RS232, I/O, WAN/LAN and USB

cloud ready deployment endless compatibility

Cloud-ready Deployment

IIoT installation will be accelerated by Dusun IIoT Gateway because of its high adaptability with your cloud/SCADA systems using Node-Red and ThingsBoard. minimal programming and coding requirement. Compatible with AWS, Azure, IBM and other platforms as well.

Complete Industrial Edge Gateway Security

A complete security protection, including encryption technology to protect data transmission, firewalls to protect network security, and Open System Interconnection to ensure secure device access.

complete edge security
edge computing

Edge Computing, Data Actionability at the Edge

Combining Edge IoT computing capability into IIoT gateway enables local storing and processing of data, meaning higher reliability, lower latency, tighter security, and less device costs.

Different Types of IIoT Gateways Rugged and Programmable

Industrial-grade design to fit in hazardous location operation. IoT expansion slots allow for hardware extensions. Powerful CPUs and large memory. Capable of developing your purpose-built applications. SSH access avaliable.

CPU: i.MX6ull
OS: Debian
RAM: 512 MB; Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V
Ethernet: 1*10/100Mbps WAN/LAN port
OT: -20℃~85℃

CPU: i.MX8m
OS: Yocto
RAM: 1 GB; Flash: 8GB eMMC
Power: DC 12~24V
Ethernet: 1*10/100Mbps
OT: 0℃~70℃

CPU: RK3588
OS: Debian
RAM: 8 GB; Flash: 128GB eMMC
Power: DC 12V and POE
Ethernet: 1*RJ45 port
OT: -25℃~75℃

CPU: MT7628
OS: OpenWrt
RAM: Up to 128MB DDR2; Flash: Up to 32MB
Power: DC 12/24V
Ethernet: 1 * 10/100 Mbps WAN port; 2 * 10/100 Mbps LAN ports
OT: 0℃~55℃

OS: Debian
RAM: Up to 2GB; Flash: Up to 32GB eMMC
Support the POE Power supply
Ethernet: 1 * 10/100 Mbps WAN/LAN variable port
OT: 20℃~65℃

1v1 ODM Services to Address All Complex Requests

Custom Design (RF /PCB /Structure /Software)
Prototype Manufacturing
Complete Test & Validation
Manufacturing & Quality Control
Global Delivery

Why Dusun IoT

Dusun IoT offers industrial IoT gateway with powerful industrial edge computing capabilities, open software and hardware resources, and SDKs. With strong FAE support and rapid app deployment support, Dusun IoT’s industrial gateway are ideal chocies for IoT applications, including building management, energy management, manufacturing, transportation and more.

iot edge computing edge

Full certifications including: FCC, CE, IC, WPC, NTC, KC, RCM, SRRC and more

odm service
ODM Service

  • Support for ODM customization
  • Full hardware service for you to concentrate on application development

indurial grade design
Indurial Grade Design

  • Industrial grade protection, suitable for complex environment
  • Operating Temperature from -40℃ to 85℃

One-stop Development for IoT Gateways, Industrial Motherboards & System on Modules. Turn IoT Device Development Process into Success.

Industrial Edge Gateway Use Cases

FAQs of Industrial IoT Gateways

Inter-device Connectivity and Data Communication: An IIoT gateway may connect equipment across multiple technical generations and protocols, gather performance data, and enable system, machine, and device interoperability to facilitate effective automation and communication.

Real-Time Processing and Analyzing: Edge-enabled IIoT gateways can deal with real-time processing of data from numerous downlink sources. As such, the gateways lessen the load on the cloud by doing away with the need for data to be transported across large distances to a data center. Data can buffer at the edge to prevent information loss, which serves as a fail-safe in the event that the link between the edge and the cloud is severed.

Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance: Manufacturers track individual machine performance and health metrics using IIoT gateways and sensors. A digital system has processed the data automatically, maintenance staff then use the information to identify probable machine failure. This allows eams to switch from reactive or calendar-based maintenance tactics to condition-based or even predictive maintenance. Read further about IoT-based elevator predictive maintenance.

Operational Visibility and Workflow Optimization: IIoT-gateways gather data from managers and equipment in real-time. This enables managers and supervisors to monitor production runs, get precise images of the production process at any moment and stage, receive timely complete visibility into production processes, optimize processes, and make sure problems can be dealt with as soon as they arise.

The most compelling benefits of using industrial IoT edge gateways lie in reduced cost! This can be illustrated from three aspects:

Save device cost: A cost-effective strategy that minimizes hardware changes while optimizing performance is to deploy IIoT gateways. The majority of IIOT gateways are very flexible and customizable, allowing you to target new markets using other protocols without having to modify your hardware or software, so you can locate the suitable equipment without worrying about compatibility with your current control system.

Save labor cost: Simply connect the gateway to the network where you wish to connect to another fieldbus or Ethernet network; no more cables need to be laid by employees. As the IIoT gateway regularly provides MQTT API interface and ready-to-use applications like Node-Red and ThingsBoard, you may easily integrate it into your control systems, saving extra developer costs.

Save cloud cost: Edge gateways for the industrial internet of things can lessen the load on data centers and the cloud. Companies using IoT Edge gateways will save a lot of internet bandwidth by collecting and processing data locally because less raw data needs to be transferred to the cloud. This is especially true for companies with metered internet who pay for the bandwidth they use.
You can explore more about IIoT gateways uses in Industry 4.0 here.

Industrial IoT gateway mainly works in three steps: data acquisition, and data processing, and cloud connectivity.

Easy and quick data acquisition: In order to establish OT connectivity, an IIoT gateway often has built-in fieldbus-based interfaces, protocols, and data collection techniques. Fieldbus equipment is most frequently connected using serial ports, and the OT device protocol is Modbus. This combination will enable field site PLC data to be efficiently collected by IIoT gateways.

Efficient data processing: To make OT data integration into IT applications simple and secure, organize massive amounts of raw data logically and meaningfully, and transform raw data into useful information for big data analytics or instant responses at the field site, IIoT gateway applications typically include a Modbus2MQTT API and GUI.

Energy-saving cloud connectivity: To prevent unauthorized access, the IIoT gateway often needs a widely used IT communication protocol like MQTT. Bringing data into a cloud platform is also made simple by the high interoperability with cloud service providers. You may also interested in Paho MQTT example.

Industrial IoT gateways essentially act as computers that let gadgets and sensors connect with one another and send data to the cloud. They enable communication between devices and are comparable to a few locally operated smart home gateways.

The main benefit of using industrial IoT gateways is that the cloud don’t need to deal with the massive amounts of data that sensors and IIoT devices create. IIoT edge computing gateways don’t transfer all of the obtained raw data to the cloud for processing and analysis, since they can gather, filter, process, and analyze data locally.

The IIoT gateways, on the other hand, are typically outfitted with strong CPUs and enormous storage to run feature-specific apps and deploy edge computing to lessen the load on the cloud and data centers. In order to prevent privacy leaks, smart home gateways are more likely to act as a local control hub or router.

You may alo interested in how does Edge Computing in IoT work and its use cases.

Compact Design: IIoT gateways’ small size facilitates their deployment in situations with limited space that cannot accommodate full-size desktop PCs.

Wide Temperature Design: IIoT gateways are designed to work reliably and ideally in a variety of severe temperatures, ranging from -25°C to 85°C.

Industrial-Grade Components: IIoT gateways are using industrial-grade component to handle deployment in harsh environments and rugged outer enclosure to protect internal components.

Energy Efficiency: IIoT gateways usually use low-powered yet efficient Arm-based processors, to offers great flexibility for industrial applications and IoT deployment that require low power computing performance.

Rich Connectivity Options: IIoT Gateway comes with a variety of wired and wireless connectivity, for deployingt in remote environments where stable connectivity is not always available.

You may also interested in IoT gateway development.

Ethernet: IIoT gateways can use wired RJ45 ports to connect to the internet. Some may include PoE port to offer power and ethernet over a single cable.

Wi-Fi 6: The next generation of Wi-Fi (IEEE802.11ax) to deliver fast, reliable, low-latency communication. This is crucial for industry 4.0 application. You can explore our DSGW-380 WiFi 6 gateway.

Cellular: Cellular LTE 4G offer blazing-fast connectivity. DSGW-081 NXP IoT gateways come equipped with dual SIM slots, allowing gateways to connect to two different internet service providers for redundancy if needed. Cellular connectivity is extremely important for remote-area deployment, by allowing IIoT gateways to connect to the internet if Wi-Fi and wired connectivity are not available.

Yes, of course. Raspberry Pi are considered by some organations as industrial gateways. It enjoys benefits of small-size and rich connectivity, Linux OS and Python runability, and vibrant developer community. Here we have a detialed illustration of Raspberry Pi as IoT gateway. But some look for better alternatives with more powerful processing power and memory, richer connectivity, and more support for self-developed software. Thus we launched Dusun Pi series. Welcome to order!

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