Optimizing Efficiency with Advanced BLE AOA Positioning in Warehouse

As an indoor positioning technology, BLE AOA is widely used in warehouse field for Forklift monitoring, Container Tracking and Personnel tracking. With its high-precision features, BLE AOA solves problems such as inventory management, warehouse planning, and personnel planning for warehouse managers. Dusun IoT's BLE AOA positioning solution uses BLE AOA locator as the core with BLE AOA tags.
BLE AOA Positioning in Warehouse
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Warehouses face many challenges, especially after the tremendous growth of global supply chains, warehouses are very important in any facility. Therefore, the warehouse manager needs to constantly monitor and track the warehouse in the facility. At this time, a flexible real-time RTLS positioning solution is required, and BLE AOA satisfies this requirement well.

Ble Beacon Gateway 2

The challenge of modern warehouse

One of the most crucial auxiliary roles in organisations and businesses is that of warehouses asset and personnel management. As it plans and arranges for the storage and upkeep of resources and promptly meets the needs of consumers or important departments within the organisation. 

This guarantees that its work is completed effectively and without pause. Hence, warehouse management is crucial, yet despite its significance, it is also challenging.

Inventory problem

Accuracy and efficiency are two complementing issues when handling inventory. As a result, improper inventory might lead to numerous issues. Large accumulations of inventory happen due to issues including improper inventory management, which raises the cost of warehousing.


RDIF Pallet Tracking Devices

Temporary features for OEM packaging are difficult to properly store, and finding products is time-consuming. This causes operational inefficiencies, which cause a sharp decline in productivity and a sharp rise in costs, both of which result in a considerable loss in revenue.

Low traceability

The inability of the warehouse manager to monitor the warehouse and track the movement of stock in it will result in a loss of control over the goods and hinder the supply process. In many cases, customers want to view monitoring data in real time, but warehouse managers cannot provide it. Accidents often occur due to cluttered machines and crowded work areas, where the location of goods and workers cannot be known without monitoring.

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BLE AoA Positioning Solution

Poor warehouse planning

Improper warehouse planning is one of the most common challenges that warehouse management has. This can result in a lack of effective use of space, which can lead to limited storage space despite the availability of unoccupied space adequately. This, in turn, will have a direct impact on earnings.


How accurate can BLE AOA be?

How accurate must the positioning function be is one of the major positioning-related topics. Within a centimetre? a metre? Naturally, the response is based on the use case. Examples of real-time applications that call for precise location data within tens of centimetres include tracking of swiftly moving athletes and their equipment in sporting events, or worker safety and collision avoidance systems in warehouse settings.

Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Development Kit
Bluetooth 5.1 AoA Demo Kit

The mix of accuracy and latency is what really adds value in the majority of IoT use cases. Because to the physical infrastructure present in many of these situations, pinpointing any form of position can be challenging. Concrete walls and floors, steel support beams, and other infrastructure frequently interfere with wireless signals. In order to calculate positioning, AOA uses angular direction estimation, which lessens the complexity of the system design and enhances positioning performance.

The precision of AoA location jobs is increased via BLE services. Although there are a number of location-based technologies now in use, their applicability on a wide scale is limited. While Wi-Fi offers varied degrees of precision, GPS is ineffective indoors, and UWB is very accurate but can be more expensive and energy-intensive than other options. Many of the shortcomings of Bluetooth’s mature technology can be fixed with new software.

Improved location services were among the major new features of Bluetooth 5.1 when it was first introduced. Based on this, Silicon Labs created new, sophisticated software intended to enhance the BG22 module’s location capabilities. Some updated features include:

From device to location, asynchronous Continuing Tone Extension (CTE) broadcast. By removing the requirement for synchronous transmission time between devices and locators, asynchronous broadcasting enables locators to track numerous assets at once and allows different locators to observe the same asset at once for triangulation purposes.

By switching CTE transmissions from advertising channels to data channels, broad-spectrum CTE broadcast across all 37 channels lowers interference.

Dusun IoT incorporates this chip within the Dusun AOA finder for improved performance. Dusun IoT created the DSGW-200 Indoor AoA Locator for BLE AoA Location. On the 2D plane, it can achieve positioning accuracy of 0.3–1 metres. This BLE AoA Locator also offers high anti-interference capabilities, low radiation, low delay, and low power consumption. You can achieve 2D positioning with a signal locator.

The Importance of BLE AOA in Warehouse Management Systems

In warehouse management, BLE AOA technology can automatically locate products and people in real time, especially within a facility or other workspace. The high accuracy, low cost, and low energy consumption of BLE AOA make it a good warehouse management tool.

Forklift monitoring

In order to design your route for improved efficiency and increase safety by spotting the accident, forklift tracking enables you to discover congested corridors. To cut down on time spent, determine what the forklifts or other machinery can handle. For improved reporting and performance, integrate location data with other technologies and business models.

Container Tracking

By quickly locating lost assets, pallet tracking enables delivery time improvement and cost reduction. Enhance accuracy of order fulfilment and billing by gaining a better understanding of asset movements. By producing more accurate and timely deliveries, you may enhance customer relations and satisfaction. Warehouse asset tracking using a real-time location system may help identify maintenance mistakes, productivity lags, unneeded downtimes, and incorrect asset management.

Personnel tracking

Personnel tracking optimizes workflow by allowing visual workflow management based on indoor positioning technology. Forklifts, trucks and trailers, scissor lifts and order pickers are some of the most significant hazards warehouse workers deal with on a daily basis. Falls, slips, overexertion and being hit by machinery are responsible for 90% of these workers’ injuries.

Reduce the potential for injury with real-time alerts centered around BLE AOA and programmed walkways and operating zones. In the event of a collision, timely rescue through personnel tracking. The system provides indoor people flow analysis and smart check-in management to prevent unnecessary entry.

Why choose Dusun IoT?

Dusun IoT is able to provide customers with a platform docking service or a pre-existing third-party platform called Navigine when choosing the positioning engine for the platform. If the client already has their own positioning platform, a series of comprehensive docking documentation and technical docking services can be offered.


The BLE AoA positioning solution will be used in warehouses and other scenes to improve business processes. It consists of the best IoT gateway hardware from Dusun and the full tracking software platform from Navigine. The solutions will be beneficial for warehouse managers in many ways, including real-time asset tracking, workflow management for staff, sending out safety alerts, and many other things.

For the best AOA positioning option for you, please complete the side form or use the chat feature to get in touch with us.

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