Research & Development

Dusun has a Research & Development team of 130 people, mainly with Ph.D. and master’s degrees, who have rich experience in the IoT industry. With the core algorithm and based on the industry’s integrated chip capability, our products are ideal for various needs.

Core Technology

Dusun focuses on the application of technologies. We integrate technologies into product applications.
The followings are several core technologies of the company’s products.

Integration of multiple wireless protocols

  • Our gateways support multiple wireless protocols simultaneously: Zigbee, Bluetooth,  Z-Wave, LoRaWAN, Sub-G, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Antenna design with anti-interference function for multiple wireless protocols coexistence

Edge Computing

  • Node Subsystem Architecture
  • Millimeter-wave body imaging algorithm
  • Indoor Position Algorithm using BLE AoA
  • Bluetooth Roaming Technology


  • Decentralized autonomous organizations
  • Decentralized Consensus Mechanism
  • Distributed Deployment web 3.0

AI Voice

  • Microphone array acoustic design
  • Front-end voice noise reduction technology
  • Voice data compression and low-power, low-latency transmission
  • Two-way voice transmission technology

Smart Infrared Remote Library

  • Bluetooth voice remote control code library
  • Temperature Control System Code Library Protocol
  • Cover nearly a thousand brands and models
  • Covering smart TVs, set-top boxes, projectors, and other devices

Wireless Positioning and Location

  • BLE AOA positioning, BLE RSSI positioning
  • Enhanced AOA protocol supporting 1000+ tag
  • Map engine

R&D Capabilities

Hardware design capability, antenna design, and debugging capability

  • RF antenna: from design to product testing and antenna simulation.
  • Multiple testing equipment: spectrum analyzer, scanner, signal generator, network analyzer.

software service
Support Custom Software Service

  • Including Embedded software development
  • Wi-Fi drivers development, and Application design, development, and maintenance.

management experience
Extensive project management experience

monitoring the project progress from the product development stage to mass production, optimizing the design verification, quickly updating the design defects through maturity analysis and feasibility analysis, and decreasing the MP flaws caused by design.

rf design
RF design

  • Antenna simulation
  • Antenna optimal design
  • RF signal test

pcb design
PCB Design

  • Schematic design
  • PCB Layer Stackup Design: 2 - 8 layers
  • Circuit simulation
  • Specialized in wireless products and industrial control product design

structural analysis
Specialized Structural Analysis and Design Capabilities

  • ID design, structural design, mold design
  • One-stop service to quickly meet customers' structural needs

algorithm capability
Algorithm capability

  • Self-developed air mouse algorithm
  • Dozens of products have entered mass production based on Dusun air mouse algorithm

voice device design
Voice Device Design

  • Microarray Acoustic Design
  • Front-end noise reduction algorithm
  • Offline voice product customization service
  • Online speech recognition can be connected to Google, Amazon, Baidu, and other ASR


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