DSGW-120 Smart Home Control Panel with Touch Screen

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DSGW-120 smart home control panel is a an all-in-one hub with visible interface and a 1500 mAh Lithium Battery. A 8-inch IPS Touch Screen and a 5-million-pixel panoramic depth camera equipped. It is able to provide an open hardware platform for integrating all kinds of home security and automation device such as access control, intrusion alarm, etc.,in order to improve operation efficiency and user experiences. Zigbee, Z-wave, BLE, Wi-Fi2.4G, LTE Cat M1, Ethernet supported. Meanwhile,a RS485 interface equipped.

  • OS: Android 11;
  • CPU: PX30; RAM: 2 GB, eMMC: 8 GB; Support SD Card;
  • 8-inch IPS touch screen
  • Support Bluetooth 5.2, ZigBee3.0, Z-Wave
  • 1 * Micro SIM card, support 4G LTE Cat1;
  • 5 MP Panoramic depth camera; 1 * Speaker, 1 * Microphone;
  • Lithium back-up battery(1,500 mAh);
  • 1 * WAN/LAN variable port: 10/100 Mbps;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Module (2.4GHz);
  • 1 * RS485 port;


Quick View of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touch Panel

DSGW-120 Smart Home Control Panel is an innovation that combines the capabilities of switches, smart gateways, and video intercom systems into a single sleek hub device, designed to bring convenience, security, and innovation to the way you interact with your home. It elevate your smart home experience with the 8-inch IPS Touch Screen to offer captivating visuals from intuitive controls to vibrant displays.

DSGW-120 smart home touch screen panel is coupled with a 5-million-pixel panoramic depth camera, enhancing your home’s security and enabling you to stay connected wherever you are. Moreover, with a robust 1500 mAh Lithium Battery, it guarantees uninterrupted functionality even during power outages.

Featuring Zigbee, Z-wave, BLE, Wi-Fi2.4G, LTE Cat M1, Ethernet, and a dedicated RS485 interface, DSGW-120 is also a hub of possibilities, seamlessly connecting and controlling a myriad of devices, all orchestrated through a single, elegant interface. Serving as a hardware platform based on the high-performance low-power quad-core Cortex-A35 PX30 CPU, it can run Linux and Android operating system and empowers users to orchestrate their own automation rules, integrating a variety of home automation systems together to enhance not only operational efficiency but also the overall user experience.

Features of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touch Panel

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Smart Home Automation with Powerful Hardware

Featuring a powerful PX30 processor, an 8-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display, 2GB RAM, and 8GB eMMC storage.

Multi-Protocol Support for Seamless Integration

Coming with Wi-Fi 2.4G,  Zigbee, and Z-Wave.

Built-in Microphone and Speaker

you can use voice commands to control your smart devices.

DSGW 120 Features 2
dsgw 120 automation

Compatible with various Home Automation Systems

Our gateway is designed to be compatible with kinds of home automation platforms.

Effortless installation with convenient wall-mounting

Our gateway is designed for easy installation using wall mounting, which provides a clean and streamlined look, reducing clutter and enhancing the overall appearance of the space.

Hardware Overview of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touch Panel

120 positively
120 back

Dimensions and Installation of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touchscreen Control Panel

DSGW 120V2 Dimensions
DSGW 120 3
DSGW 120 4

Parameters of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touch Screen Panel

TF CardUp to 128GB
OSAndroid 11
Power SupplyAC 12~24V/2A, DC Type C 5V/3A
Interface1* 10/100 Mbps WLAN/LAN port,1*RS485
SIM1 * Micro SIM slot
Camera5 million pixels,Panoramic depth camera
SD Card1 * SD slot
RTCReal-Time Clock operated from the onboard battery
Li battery1500mAH
Auto Power-OnWhen the primary power source is lost, the system's auto-power-on feature
activates and uses the battery. Similarly, when the primary power source is
restored, the system automatically switches back to it.
Reset ButtonFactory reset button. To reset the Gateway to its original factory settings, press and
hold it for more than 10 seconds
Power switchON/OFF
Power LEDWhen the device powers on, the power indicator LED turns green. The indicator
LED switches to red if the battery is low

Use Cases of DSGW-120 Smart Home Touch Panel Gateway

Home Access Control

Home Access Control

Home Lighting Control

Smart Home Lighting Control

Home Security Monitoring

Home Security Monitoring

Home Climate Monitoring

Home Climate Monitoring

Developer Resources of DSGW-120

[QUICK START] DSGW-120 SDK Quick Start GuideV 1.0
[SDK] px30-android11.tarV 1.1.1
[Firmware packaging] DSGW-120-Android11_image_AV1.1.5.imgV1.1.5
[Ble module firmware] DSI-0177-AMBER-BLE-NCP_AV3.2.4.0129V
[Z-Wave module firmware] DSM-103_ZWave-NCP_AV2023030301V 2023030301
[Zigbee module firmware] DSM-04B-zigbee_image_RV8(EZSP)Version:ezsp ver 0x08V ezsp ver 0x08
[Burning tool] AndroidTool_Release
[Upgrade_tool] DriverAssitant_v4.91V4.9.1

DSGW-120 Model List

Category A (In Stock)
FeatureWi-Fi 2.4GBluetooth 5.2Zigbee3.0Z-WaveLTE Cat1

Distributor Purchase

digikey distributor globalDSGW-120V2-1

FAQs of DSGW-120 Smart House Touch Panels

smart home control panel is invented for satisfying the need of simplified interior control and enhancing smart home user experience. Every member of the family can easily manage lighting, temperature, security, and energy consumption devices simultaneously with a tap on the touch panel thanks to such all-in-one home automation controller solution.

Smart home control panel integrates a smart home gateway enabling connectivity with other smart home gadgets and cana acts as a universal smart switch to operate various smart home scenarios, which finally simplifies user operation efficiency.

Button + touch screen control: using the touch screen, you can view the device’s status more conveniently and intuitively, carry out numerous in-depth interactions and device control without using a phone (for example, adjusting the brightness of lamps or the temperature of the air conditioner); Users can also simply operate the smart devices at home via the the 5 scene buttons on the right of the touch screen. Whether young or old can use this smart home touch panel with just one click.

APP remote control: When users are not at home, they may still operate the smart home gadgets because DSGW-120 allows for remote monitoring and control.

Voice control: DSGW-120 includes an integrated microphone and speaker that enable users to manage smart home appliances using voice commands.You may also choose to connect it with popular voice assistants on the market to operate smart home devices whenever you want.

Customized control: DSGW-120 intelligent centralized control panel may be developed to adapt to your own smart home system, and you can freely select the smart peripheral in your own smart home ecosystem to realize automated control.

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Additional information

Product Type

IoT Gateway

Chip Platform


CPU Name






Back-up Battery

Lithium back-up Battery


RJ45, TF Card Slot

System support



Wall Mounting

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