IoT Gateway Mass Production: Key Step Sharing From Prototype to Market

Working with a reputable IoT device manufacturer can help you design and customize IoT gateways faster and more affordably, letting you concentrate on your main business while leaving the production to the professionals. But it's also essential to have a thorough grasp of the production and testing procedures involved in manufacturing IoT gateways. These processes directly impact the timely delivery and quality assurance of the finished product.
iot gateway testing and mass manufacturing
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Ideally, you should begin familiarizing yourself with these IoT gateway testing and manufacturing process steps during the custom gateway firmware stage. In this post, we’ll go into the testing of several gateway hardware development platforms, including MediaTeK and Rockchip, and look into troubleshooting other wireless protocols, such as 4G LTE, BLE, ZigBee, LoRaWAN, and Wi-Fi. 

Please remember that this article is written based on the internal documentation of Dusun IoT, a leading IoT gateway supplier in the industry.

Dusun IoT: Your Trusted IoT Device Manufacturer

Dusun IoT has a comprehensive mass production and stringent quality control system. We specialize in supporting a wide range of IoT gateway platforms and various wireless communication protocols.

Whether you want to mass produce or custom IoT gateways, we are committed to providing one-stop software-to-hardware ODM, OEM, JDM services.

Before IoT gateway devices are put into mass production, it must pass a rigorous, multi-step testing process to guarantee that it operates steadily and dependably. Let’s explore the detailed steps of the IoT gateway testing process:

iot gateway testing process
iot gateway testing process

IoT Gateway PCBA Testing

PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is the core component of the IoT gateway and needs to undergo strict testing during the production process. IoT gateway PCBA testing covers many key aspects, including voltage and current testing, wireless performance testing, interface testing, etc., to ensure that its performance is stable and reliable.

In order to enhance testing efficiency and accuracy, Dusun IoT has developed an advanced intelligent gateway testing platform utilizing LabVIEW. This platform is highly automated and intelligent, enabling swift and precise testing of various PCBA indicators. Take a look at the figure below for an overview of the platform:

iot gateway testing platform
iot gateway testing platform

What Do Customers Do in IoT Gateway PCBA Testing?

IoT gateway mass production is not a single side work. Customers can also be involved to improve the final result by ensuring the suitability of the test system and the accuracy of the test results, during the PCBA testing phase. 

For this purpose, we recommend the following two involvement methods:

Open Connections for Test Applications

Customers have the option to open SSH, Talent, or serial connections, enabling Dusun IoT to install specialized test applications into the IoT gateway and conduct relevant tests. The advantage of this approach is that we can complete the necessary testing work without disturbing the customer’s original system.

Once the testing is finished, the test application will be safely removed, without any impact on the normal use of the gateway.

Integrating Dusun IoT Test Scripts

Customers can also integrate Dusun IoT’s test scripts into their own images. In this way, test scripts will be seamlessly integrated with customer systems, ensuring comprehensiveness and accuracy of testing.

Of course, if customers have special needs or considerations, they can also choose not to use Dsusun IoT’s test platform. In this case, the customer needs to provide detailed instructions and commands for all test items so that we can re-develop the test software to meet the customer’s specific needs. Dusun IoT is committed to providing personalized testing solutions that meet the unique requirements of each customer.

IoT Gateway Firmware Burning

The software system of an IoT gateway typically consists of the operating system image of the main hardware development platform (such as MediaTeK, Rockchip, etc.) and the firmware of the wireless modules. These firmware are an important part of ensuring that the gateway works properly and has the required functionality.

It should be noted that when burning firmware, Dusun IoT requires that the firmware provided by the customer must be the final version.

If the customer only provides the bootloader and completes the firmware installation through OTA upgrade during the production process, this may bring unnecessary troubles, consuming a lot of time and bringing extra costs associated with subsequent upgrade operations.

Below are some examples:

For Main Hardware Platform

ItemFirmware by the CustomerAccept
1*.image with bootloaderYes
2BootLoader, OTA update in production lineNo

For Wireless Modules

ItemFirmware by the CustomerAccept
1*.HEX+Bootloader.HEX, *.bin +bootloderYes
2BootLoader, OTA update in production lineNo

Voltage and Current Testing

Voltage and current testing is an important part of ensuring the stable operation of the gateway power system. Testing team will use specialized equipment to accurately measure the input voltage, output voltage and operating current of the gateway to ensure that it remains stable under different workloads.

Wireless Performance Testing

For IoT gateways, wireless performance is one of its key features. During this phase, the wireless protocols supported by the gateway (such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee, BLE, etc.) need to be fully tested. The testing includes evaluating signal strength, communication distance, anti-interference ability, and other parameters. The goal is to ensure that the gateway maintains a stable wireless connection in various environments.

To prevent any mistakes or failures during the testing process, customers should make sure that the test code and the wireless module’s firmware are compatible before merging the test scripts.

For wireless communication technologies such as Zigbee and BLE, we recommend customers to use Silicon Lab’s Simplicity Studio tool, which offers the functionality of using test code for firmware development, enabling customers to easily build firmware versions that meet the testing requirements.

silicon lab simplicity studio tool

Interface Testing

Interface testing verifies the gateway’s ability to communicate with external devices or systems. Testing team will simulate real-world application scenarios and conduct functional verification and performance testing on the gateway’s interfaces. The objective is to ensure stable and reliable communication between the gateway and other devices or systems in practical applications.


After completing the aforementioned tests, the gateway enters the assembly stage. During this stage, all tested components are assembled to create a complete gateway product. The assembly process ensures correct installation of each component and establishes stable and reliable connections.

Function Test

During the PCBA testing, module performance testing is conducted in parallel. Once the correct gateway software version number is confirmed, full machine testing is initiated. Customers can also choose to provide self-test scripts to output successful test results to further improve testing efficiency.

To maximize productivity, it is recommended to avoid accessing the cloud platform during PCBA testing. This ensures a focused testing environment and minimizes potential disruptions.

As for application testing, we include it in the OQC process and perform 1% sampling inspection to ensure comprehensive control of product quality.

Things to Note:

It should be noted that the steps and processes involved in IoT gateway testing can vary based on specific needs, product characteristics, and industry standards. The information provided earlier serves as a general overview of the testing process. In reality, customers and Dusun IoT may optimize and refine the testing process to ensure comprehensive and accurate testing.

Furthermore, it is crucial to adhere to relevant standards and specifications during the execution of each testing step. Following industry standards helps maintain the reliability and validity of the test results, ensuring the quality and performance of the IoT gateway.

linux iot development

Cloud Platform Integration Solution in the IoT gateway Production Phase

During the mass production of IoT gateways, Dusun IoT offers flexible cloud platform registration solutions to accommodate the diverse needs of customers. It is generally not necessary to connect to the cloud platform for registration and information acquisition during production. If your solutions really requires this step, here we provide two recommended methods for cloud platform registration:

Method 1: Pre-burning Information Before Production

In this approach, customers can provide relevant information that needs to be burned into the gateway before production commences. This information may include triple data, key UUID, PID, and other necessary details. Dusun IoT will pre-configure the gateway based on this information, ensuring that the gateway possesses the essential data required for communication with the cloud platform during the production process.

This method is suitable for scenarios where cloud platform registration needs to be completed during the production phase, saving time on subsequent configuration.

Method 2: Provide MAC Address After Production

For situations where cloud platform registration is required after the completion of production, Dusun IoT will supply the MAC address of the shipped gateway. Customers can then perform gateway registration and information configuration on the cloud platform using these MAC addresses.

This method offers flexibility and is well-suited for scenarios that necessitate final configuration before the gateway is shipped.

Regardless of the method chosen, Dusun IoT is dedicated to providing technical support and services to ensure smooth access and stable operation of your IoT gateway on the cloud platform. If you have any questions or specific requirements, please feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Final Word

The manufacturing production process of IoT gateways is indeed a rigorous and complex undertaking, encompassing various crucial steps from PCBA testing to cloud platform registration. Dsusun IoT is committed to prioritizing customer needs and driving technological innovation throughout this process, consistently improving production efficiency and product quality.

We welcome you to consult our company for your IoT gateway customization requirements. Dongsheng IoT is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, ensuring the development of high-quality IoT gateway products. Our team is ready to assist you and address any inquiries you may have.

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