Custom Zigbee Devices: Why Zigbee Reigns in Smart Home Products?

In the booming smart home market, a plethora of smart devices make their way onto the scene one after another, among which Zigbee has been widely and consistently used because of its distinct advantages. But what exactly are these distinguishing benefits that make Zigbee so ubiquitous in the realm of smart home devices?
custom zigbee device
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If you are thinking about integrating Zigbee technology into your smart home product development, look no further. Dusun IoT, a leading Zigbee smart home device manufacturer, is here to provide an in-depth exploration of this technology.

With our experience, you will be able to create smart home solutions that have reliable performance and robust functionality.

What is Zigbee Technology?

The Zigbee protocol is an established wireless mesh network technology that has been widely adopted in various IoT devices in residential, commercial, energy and industrial applications, with proved reliability, performance, and interoperable data transmission solutions.

zigbee in smart home application

Know More about Zigbee in IoT

Over the years, Zigbee has undergone several major technological evolution, leading to a substantial global user base. According to CSA Alliance data, billions of Zigbee chipsets have been sold to date, reflecting its widespread market acceptance.

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Zigbee is not only a simple communication protocol, it is a complete full-stack solution that covers the design and implementation of the mesh network layer, with an extensive and rich set of functional application sets and device type libraries. This allows developers to easily design a variety of smart home devices that comply with the Zigbee standard.

zigbee architecture

Currently, hundreds of companies around the world have adopted the Zigbee protocol for smart home products, and they jointly build a huge Zigbee ecosystem. Dusun IoT is also one of the CSA Alliance members.

Why Do Smart Home Devices Favor Zigbee?

Smart home devices gravitate towards Zigbee technology for these compelling reasons:

Interoperability Across Brands

Zigbee devices can easily connect and interact with each other regardless of manufacturer brands, because the technology adopts unified technical standards and foster an open ecosystem. This enables smart home solution providers to save substantial time and resources on learning and integrating multiple proprietary systems.

This interoperability also allows new smart home system devices to easily join into a connected home ecosystem, offering users a wider range of choices and enhanced experiences.

Small Memory Footprint and Low Power Consumption

Compared with other IoT technologies like Bluetooth, Zigbee has a relatively small memory footprint and requires low power consumption requirements. This makes it a compelling option for smallest smart home devices with requirement in extending battery lifespan and reducing overall operating costs.

Adopting Zigbee technology to smart home devices is obviously an economical solution for businesses to establish cost-effective IoT solutions.

Stable Mesh Network and More Connected Devices

Zigbee relies on a proven self-healing mesh network architecture, ensuring exceptional stability and reliability. Even if a single device malfunctions, it does not disrupt the entire network’s smooth operation.

Moreover, Zigbee ad hoc networks can accommodate a substantial number of nodes, making it an appealing choice for large-scale deployments with numerous sensors in expansive settings.

Strong Security Measures

Security is a significant concern when it comes to wireless technology. This is an area where Zigbee technology thrives because of ten years of real-world application verification and continual enhancement.

Zigbee has a sophisticated and reliable design that provides improved security features. It guarantees data security and privacy for a range of use cases, including local data processing and remote cloud connections via a Zigbee gateway. Users can confidently embrace Zigbee technology in smart home devices, relishing the convenience and comfort that smart living brings.

smart plug works with iot gateway

What Other Specialized Features Does Zigbee Technology Have?

In addition to the standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol, Zigbee technology also has several notable functionalities that further expands the capabilities and application scenarios of smart home products. The most widely used four features are Zigbee Green Power, Zigbee Smart Energy, and Zigbee Direct, and Sub 1GHz Zigbee. Let’s explore these functions in more details:

Zigbee Green Power

Zigbee Green Power is specifically optimized for low power consumption to extend the battery life of devices. This function enables Zigbee devices to operate using various forms of energy available in the environment, such as thermal energy, kinetic energy, induction energy, and light energy.

smart home using zigbee green power

Zigbee Green Power devices eliminate the need for external power supplies, wires, or time-consuming and costly installation and maintenance. They can be easily deployed anywhere in the home getting rid of dependence on traditional power sources, offering users  a great deal of convenience and flexibility.

Zigbee Smart Energy

Zigbee Smart Energy plays a crucial role in home energy management. Zigbee Smart Energy-enabled smart metering devices have been widely adopted by tens of thousands of businesses globally, providing consumers with reliable data and automation functions to facilitate energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmentally friendly lifestyles.

smart meters using zigbee smart energy

This feature makes it easier for utilities, device manufacturers, and regulators to work together to meet the various needs that ecosystems throughout the world have for natural gas, water, and electricity.

End users can also effortlessly track and manage their energy usage using mobile phone apps, which lowers energy expenses and boosts sustainability.

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Zigbee Direct

Zigbee Direct can leverage Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices to simplify the network access and control process for Zigbee devices. It provides a convenient method for smart home devices to connect to the network and be controlled.

Sub 1GHz Zigbee

Besides 2.4GHz, Zigbee technology also supports Sub-GHz frequency bands, which not only extends the coverage range of Zigbee devices, but also minimizes interference with other wireless devices.

This flexibility allows Zigbee to complement other technologies such as BLE, Wi-Fi, Matter, Wi-SUN, and cellular 5G LTE networks, and jointly build a more intelligent and interconnected smart home environment.

Take Away

Zigbee technology has been demonstrated itself to be as a reliable wireless solution for various applications, ranging from automated lighting control, home access control, IoT-based building automation, and energy management. Its reliability is further demonstrated by the fact that it has been utilized on Mars.

Dusun IoT, a professional and trustworthy Zigbee device manufacturer, is dedicated to designing and delivering high-quality Zigbee IoT solutions. Our offerings include customized Zigbee IoT device like Zigbee modulesZigbee hubs, Zigbee sensors, Zigbee switches, etc., all made to order to satisfy the various needs of our customers. We invite you to visit our facility located in China.

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If you’re interested in custom Zigbee device solutions, Dusun IoT is ready to provide prompt assistance and support.

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